Facts About Guru Purnima Festival

Guru Purnima is the auspicious day when Hindus celebrate to show their gratitude towards their Guru. As per the spiritual experts a Guru is someone who transforms a person with the power of his knowledge and spiritualism. This festival is celebrated all over India and in year 2018 the date for this festival is 27th of July. Guru Purnima utsav at Shirdi is a big occasion for people to celebrate the day. In Shirdi the festival continues for 3 days.

In 2016 Guru Purnima was celebrated on 19th July. In 2017, it was celebrated on 9th July. This festival is celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists and Jain people. As per the Hindu dharma the Guru Purnima is celebrated to mark the birthday of Guru Vyas and it is also a day when Hindus celebrate the teachings of their Guru. Guru Vyas is said to have written the four Vedas and also the 18 puranas. Apart from this he has also written the Mahabharata. For Buddhists it is a bit different. They believe it is the day when Lord Buddha migrated to Saranath from Bodhgaya along with his five disciples. Jainism celebrates this festival as the day when Gautam Swami became the first disciple of Lord Mahavira.

There are various things that are followed on this day by the Hindus. First of all there is the concept of Padapuja where the disciples wash the footwear of their gurus as a mark of respect. Then there are various prayers and pujas that are offered with songs and recitations. According to Hindu shastra this day is known to be the beginning of monsoons. So the farmers also look forward to this day because they think that offering puja on this day will bring rain soon and the harvest for the season will be very good than the previous year.